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Denmark's undersea graveyard for imported CO2

World Affairs18 Mar 2023| A-AA+

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  • Denmark inaugurates a project to store carbon dioxide 1,800 metres beneath the North Sea, the first country in the world to bury CO2 imported from abroad.
CO2 Garveyard
  • The CO2 graveyard, where the carbon is injected to prevent further warming of the atmosphere, is on the site of an abandoned oil field.
  • Led by British chemical giant Ineos and German oil company Wintershall Dea, the "Greensand" project is expected to store up to eight million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2030.
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects aim to capture and then trap CO2 in order to mitigate global warming. Around 30 projects are currently operational or under development in Europe.
  • But unlike other projects that store CO2 emissions from nearby industrial sites, Greensand distinguishes itself by bringing in the carbon from far away.
  • First captured at the source, the CO2 is then liquefied - in Belgium in Greensand's case - then transported, currently by ship but potentially by pipelines, and stored in reservoirs such as geological cavities or depleted oil and gas fields.
  • At Greensand, the carbon is transported in special containers to the Nini West platform, where it is injected into an existing reservoir 1.8 kilometres under the seabed.
Source- Economic Times