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National Data & Analytics Platform

Science & Tech.14 May 2022| A-AA+

In News 

  • NITI Aayog launched the National Data & Analytics Platform (NDAP) for open public use.
  • AIM- To democratize access to public government data by making data accessible, interoperable, interactive, and available on a user-friendly platform. 
About NDAP
  • NDAP follows a use-case based approach to ensure that the datasets hosted on the platform are tailored to the needs of data users from government, academia, journalism, civil society, and the private sector.
  • All datasets are standardized to a common schema, which makes it easy to merge datasets and do cross-sectoral analysis.
  • It hosts foundational datasets from various government agencies, presents them coherently, and provides tools for analytics and visualization.
  • The main value that NDAP adds is making key foundational datasets interoperable with each other. 
  • NDAP is a critical milestone – which aims to aid India’s progress by promoting data-driven disclosure, decision making and ensuring availability of data connecting till the last mile, is an example to how the power of data can be leveraged.
  • NDAP can be accessed at and all datasets on the platform can be downloaded and merged freely.