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India becomes the 13th nation to issue OIML certificates

Science & Tech.17 Sep 2023| A-AA+

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  • India has become the Internationally Accepted OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) Certificates Issuing Authority.
  • Indiais the 13th country in the world that can issue the OIML approval certificates.
About OIML
  • It is an Intergovernmental organization established in 1955.
  • The International Organization of Legal Metrology is an intergovernmental treaty organization which:
  • Develops model regulations, standards and related documents for use by legal metrology authorities and industry.
  • Provides mutual recognition systems which reduce trade barriers and costs in a global market.
  • Promotes and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and competencies within the legal metrology community worldwide,
  • Cooperates with other metrology bodies to raise awareness of the contribution that a sound legal metrology infrastructure can make to a modern economy.
  • It is Headquartered at Paris, France.
  • It is international standard-setting body in the sense of the World Trade Organization's Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Agreement.
  • Members - It has 63 Member States and 64 Corresponding Members. India became the member in 1956.
  • To sell a weight or measure in the International market an OIML Pattern Approval certificate is mandatory.
  • India has now become authority for issuing OIML certificate for selling weights & measures anywhere in the world and Department of Consumer Affairs can issue the certificate now.
  • India now joins as a 13th country to issue OIML approval certificates.
  • Other countries - Australia, Switzerland, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, and Slovakia, can also issue this certificate.
  • The OIML-Certificate System is a system for issuing, registering and using OIML certificates, and their associated OIML type evaluation/test reports.
Source- The Hindu